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Safety is our #1 priority ... and should be yours, too!

Rhode Island Snow Plowing has over 30 years experience working with the unpredictability of New England weather! We have zero tolerance for icy and slippery conditions. Our company will keep your business open and your customers safe!

40 Pieces of Snow/Ice Equipment

We keep a watchful eye on the radar for oncoming storms, and we know how to stay ahead of the storm. We utilize our experience and seasoned judgment to begin pre-treating your parking lot, steps and walkways. Once the storm arrives, we begin snow plowing and/or snow removal to keep your property safe. With over 40 pieces of new plowing equipment, we get the job done right.

Your Choice of Service Options

We offer a variety of service options. You can choose to have your property serviced by the push (every 2”) or at the storm's end. What works for most of our clients is servicing the property every 2-3" throughout the course of the storm. However, we can tailor our services to the special needs of your business in order to keep your property clear and safe.

Pay Seasonally or Per Storm

We also offer payment options. You can choose a seasonal contract which can be paid over five months, or you can pay per storm.

Complete Commercial/Industrial Services

  • Commercial/Industrial Snow Plowing
  • Sanding
  • Salting
  • Pre-Treatment
  • De-Icing -- Environmentally Friendly Options
  • Snow Removal
  • Expert Consultation by the Hour for Your Property Needs
  • Service by the Push or at the Storm's End
  • Seasonal or Per Storm Contracts
  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Specializing in the Downtown Providence area
  • Over 40 Pieces of New Plowing Equipment
  • 24 Hour Service 7 Days a Week

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Member R.I. Independent Contractors Association

Member Snow & Ice Management Association


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